Serene Minds



Helping people to go from chaos to calm.


Serene Minds is a mindfulness coaching business with a mission to inspire, empower and guide people to find calm in their lives.


At Serene Minds, we believe that everyone is capable of going from chaos to calm – their best self – and benefit from the immense benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Three Core Values


We are often sad because we see the present through the lenses of the past, or we get anxious or stressed by worrying about the future. Through practicing mindfulness, we arrive in this moment, where arrive in peace.


At Serene Minds, we believe everybody has a “true” version of themselves, the best you. Where to find it? Inside you. It’s already there. All you need to do is allow yourself to become it, fully. Access it by becoming present and live in the here and now, through gaining more clarity.

Mindfulness allows us to have a mental toolkit. This mental toolkit gives us more clarity to deal with our emotions, become aware of patterns, habits and beliefs and so much more.

Next, we have the power and choice to choose what we have become aware of. Pure clarity followed by freedom and powerful transformation. And it all starts with awareness.


We often feel alone, disconnected or lonely. At Serene Minds, we organize Serene Retreats, which allows you to connect with other likeminded people. Connection is something we need and is innately human. One of the most powerful mindfulness compassion components is common humanity: realizing we are all in this together, never alone and part of something bigger.