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Flow is a 10-day journey into self-growth.
It is a powerful collection of all the tools that helped me to be more present, happy, overcome anxiety, love myself & find peace in the here & now. During my mindfulness course, life coaching training & 5 years of practising and using these tools, I’ve grown not only fond of them, but my heart is bursting to share these with you.
May you live your life with purpose and intention and always keep growing.

“Is this course something for me?”

Flow is perfect you if you want to:
– invest time and work in your personal growth
– learn more about meditation, mindfulness & other awareness practices
– know how to cope with your feelings and emotions, the “good” and “bad” ones
shift your mindset and overcome negative thoughts by using powerful, positive affirmations
let go of old habits, beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you
– learn how to cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy and natural way
– learn how to love yourself and give yourself exactly what you need
develop healthy habits that help you reach your goals

If you are ready to join me on this transformational journey, you have to be wiling to do the work. In this course, I provide you with a workbook that will support you along the way. You will receive guided meditations every day and video material, too.

Life comes with highs and lows. Don’t break your own heart by expecting thing to be good all the time. Invite and embrace happy moments. Allow the bad to come and go. Move with the flow of life.”

The Course Curriculum

Day 1: Mindfulness & Journalling

An introduction to two of the main guides throughout this course: on one had, there’s the practice of being aware in the present moment, and on the other hand, there’s the ability to process and reflect on what happened afterwards.

Day 2: Meditation Series 1: Breath Awareness

On the second day, we start our meditation practice with breath awareness exercises. Learn how to be with your breath and how it affects your body and state of mind.

Day 3: Meditation Series 2: Body Awareness

Often, we tend to live more in our heads than in our bodies. On this day, we will explore the connection we have with our body and how to come back to this connection and foster it.

Day 4: Meditation Series 3: Grounding

Grounding allows us to anchor ourselves deeply in the present moment. The benefits of grounding have been recognised for thousands of years, in meditation, yoga, tai-chi, and other forms of healing and medicine. In simple, grounding means: using the ground to re-align the body and mind so they are back into a balanced state. 

Day 5: Feelings & Emotions

What is the difference between feelings and emotions? And what do we do with them? How can we us meditation to cope with them? Explore your feelings and emotions and approach them with kindness, compassion and curiosity.

Day 6: Tackling limiting beliefs & creating new, healthy ones

On this day, we’ll take a closer look at your inner critic & limiting beliefs. Where do they come from? What are they saying? Take your power back, overcome the negativity and disbelief in yourself. Create new, serving, healthy beliefs and give your inner critic a make-over.

Day 7: Anxiety & stress

Where does anxiety and stress come from, and how can we deal with it & even overcome it?

Day 8: Practising gratitude

Gratitude is shifting from “I don’t have enough” to “what I already have, is more than enough.” It allows you to attract more of that goodness that you already have in life, the big and small things. A daily gratitude practice increases your happiness, appreciation and allows you to see the beautiful things life. To see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Day 9: Practising self-love

Self-love is how you take your power back. On this day, you’ll learn powerful techniques on how to treat yourself with compassion and kindness. With techniques such as loving kindness meditation and affirmations, you’ll be able to fill yourself up with some sweet, sweet love!

Day 10: Creating your own transforming habit

On the last day of this transforming course, we will create healthy habits, based on your intention and goal of the course. Healthy habits are key to transforming your life and taking small (big) steps everyday to grow and evolve yourself on many levels, while getting closer to reaching your ultimate goals.

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